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Only 10 days is left before the event starts!

The full Conference program of Offshore Marintec Russia is now available on the website of the event. Offshore Marintec Russia International Offshore and Maritime Exhibition and Conference will be held from 4 – 7 October 2016 in ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Conference for shipbuilding and offshore oil and gas development is the congress event accompanying OMR Exhibition. The Conference Program includes a plenary session and commercial and technical conference sessions. Leading Russian and international companies will share their knowledge on the most challenging issues for the technology and equipment support of offshore oil and gas production, shipbuilding for the shelf exploration, development of complex marine structures etc.

Only 10 days is left before the event. Register now to become the delegate and join the offshore and maritime experts to discuss challenges and solutions for the development of the Russian shelf. You may also register to visit the Exhibition and get a grasp of the modern technology and equipment for the development of infrastructure at the shelf, construction of marine facilities for oil and gas production, designs of vessels for the offshore exploration.

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