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Modern technologies for gas-oil industry: from research and elaboration to extraction and transportation

The 3rd day of the international forum and exhibition Offshore Marintec Russia and St.Petersburg International Energy Forum was rich for round tables and special sections of different subjects: new technologies for research of the continental shelf, safety on objects of the North Navy Way, development of infrastructure of the water and shelf territory.

In conditions of entry into force since January 1, 2017 of the Polar code of the Russian Federation it is necessary to speed up the work on improvement existing and development of a perspective survival equipment and their harmonization according to the international standards. It was declared at the Round table on safety issues of oil and gas crafts in the Arctic and on the continental shelf by the head of Association of development of the search and rescue equipment and technologies Victor Ilyukhin.

In the context of the Round table “Complex development of sea transport infrastructure in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation” the head of department of the ice mode and forecasts of Federal State Institution “AANII” Evgeny Mironov underlined, that the factors connected with an ice situation, drift of icebergs and ice massifs and the change of a temperature background are the main factors at all stages of work on the shelf.

The culmination of the conference was at official solemn gala-dinner for the participants, partners and sponsors, who made a significant contribution to the organization of these exhibitions and business forums. Among owners of the awards were the companies “Gazprom neft”, “Gazprom”, “Gazpromneft Sakhalin”, National research Kurchatov institute.

In addition to this an expert jury estimated the most interesting and multifunctional stands of the participants of the exhibition. Among the winners are: “Gazprom neft”, “Lukoil”, “Protea” (Poland), plant “Zvezda”. The prize of spectators’ sympathies was given by right to “Gazprom Flot”, the company and to the plant “FIZPRIBOR”.

Reminding: international conference and exhibition Offshore Marintec Russia and 16th St.Petersburg International Energy Forum will be held till 7th of October.


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