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The second day: official opening, plenary session, hot discussions

The second day of the international exhibition and conference “Offshore Marintec Russia” and the 16th St. Petersburg International Energy Forum has opened the Plenary session on the subject "Strategic objectives and priorities of development of the Arctic and continental shelf of the Russian Federation".

According to the Chairman of the Program committee of a conference, the chairman of Scientific Council of RAS on geology and development of oil and gas fields, the academician of RAS Alexey Kontorovich, at this discussion platform for more than 20 years the main questions of ideological policy in the field of oil production and power are brought up and solved.

Within special section of the second day of work of the Offshore Marintec Russia conference the discussion on international cooperation in development of the Arctic and the shelf took place. The subject of discussion attracted a keen interest of the speakers and listeners, divided into two camps: in support of development of the international interaction and experience exchange with foreign partners and – against such cooperation. According to Andrey Chernykh, representing Federal State Institution “VNIIOkeanologii”, the only condition of development of fields of the continental shelf is a close interaction with the scientific and project and research centers of Europe and North America. Within the international consortium Russia will be able to accelerate process of potential fields researching and will begin to implement the strategy of continental Russian shelf in practice".

In addition to this, within the ceremony of official opening of an exhibition and the Offshore Marintec Russia conference and the 16th St. Petersburg international energy forum a Ceremony of winners rewarding of International Contest of the scientific, technical and innovative researches for the development of the Arctic and the continental shelf took place.

At the end of the second day a solemn launch for the participants of the conference and exhibition on Krestovsky island of St-Petersburg was organized. All the participants and official sponsors have got diplomas and gifts for memory about this event.

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