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In Arctic, Norway steps on the gas

Gas production in northern Norwegian waters is steadily making its way. But more discoveries and new infrastructure are needed for the region to become a major supplier to the continent.

Figures assembled by Patchwork Barents show that Norwegian gas production in waters north of the Arctic Circle in 2014 amounted to 7,46 billion cubic meters. That is the biggest volume from the region ever.

A lion’s share of the Norwegian Arctic production comes from Statoil’s Sn?hvit LNGproject, the world’s northernmost of its kind, which in 2014 reached a production record of 5,22 billion cubic meters.

In the more southernly Norwegian Sea, the fields located in the waters off the county of Nordland in 2014 produced a total of 2,23 billion cubic meters. That volume will increase significantly as Statoil opens its Aasta Hansteen field, presumably in 2017. Included in that project is the construction of the 480 km long Polarled pipeline, a key piece of infrastructure which wlll link the Norwegian Sea with other parts of Norway’s gas grid and ultimately with consumers in Europe.

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