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Krylov Research Centre will present technologies on offshore platforms for different depths of freezing seas

The technical solutions for offshore production platforms for the different depths of the sea of the Russian shelf, developed by Krylov State Research Centre, will be presented at RAO/CIS Offshore Conference.

Various types of architectural and structural floating and fixed structures are considered: platforms of the ship shape, of BUOY types hull form, multifaceted gravitational structures, piled foundations such as a monopod. These structures can be useful for the development of oil and gas fields in the Barents, Kara and Okhotsk seas.

The Krylov State Research Centre is one of the world’s major ship research & design centres established in 1894.

Over its century-long efforts in the field of innovative R&Ds for the benefit of national shipbuilding, in the best interests of the country’s defence and economic development, the Krylov Centre has accumulated the wealth of unique expertise in development of naval ships, commercial vessels and offshore structures.

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