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State companies and the State defend the branch interests

Active participation in a Plenary section of the RAO/CIS Offshore conference on the 15th of September took part the representatives of the federal authority, profile Ministries, science as well as the top-management of the largest companies in a field of geological research and gas-oil mining in a region of continental shelf and Arctic.

For example, the Board member of “Gazprom” company, Vsevolod Cherepanov in his speech underlined, that oil-gas fields – is the most perspective way of developing of new deposits in the XXI century. And it is possible in conditions of the costs level rising, high ecological, technological and financial risks. “Our mail goal is to organize clear and productive system of geological research, - he said. – The Government created all conditions for it, especially on mining areas of Barentsevo Sea and Karskoe Sea, created soft tax system and other forms of the state support”.

Russian continental shelf has 68 oil-gas deposits today, 17 of them – are under the water. More than 1 700 000 sq/m are licensed territories under “Gasprom” company or “Rosneft” company. It is more than 90% of all the licensed territory. But according to the Deputy Minister natural resources and ecology of Russia Denis Hramov, it is necessary to develop continental shelf and Arctic better. “Researching, mining, personal training – these are the key ways of the branch development of the future”, - he said. On his opinion, Russia must make big efforts for geological research of this region, in spite of stability or non-stability of the market. According to him, in 2014 Norway developed 57 wells, but Russia only 11. But this situation must be corrected in nearest future due to the Arctic potential. Natural depletion of modern fields is coming, but we must have a goal – to catch and overtake the world leaders. It is the only possible guarantee of global energetic safety providing in future.

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