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Pipelines: from D.Mendeleev to our days

The first day RAO/CIS Offshore 2015 included an interesting discussion in the context of the Round table “Technologies and technical means for transporting of hydrocarbons”. Experts deliberated about problems of complex transport centers development, improvement of unloading technologies on oil transportation, ways of import-independent branch creation.

Most of oil-mining fields are situated far from the places of its conversion, that’s why its fast transportation is vitally important for the branch. Specialists discussed the opportunities of economic and effective loading-unloading system development on example of field Prirazlomnaya, fields of Obsko-Tazovskaya and Teriberskaya bays, port Sabetta.

According to the experts’ opinion, hard requirements for the safety force the companies to modernize material-technical base. “Since Mendeleev’s times many things have changed, - Co-Chairman of the discussion Roman Romanov said. – Creation of new kinds of tankers, containers with equipped systems of pressure and humidity control – these are our modern reality. That’s why oil-gas branch today is a high-technological production”.

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