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Regulation of shelf exploration processes: can and cannot

In the context of the Round table, devoted to the problems of development of normative-legal base for the branch interests, a really interesting discussion was organized. Experts discussed problems of control and regulation principles on shelf, regulation of hydrocarbons mining, its storage and transportation on water and on the shore.

Ivan Panichkin, representative of the Ministry of energy of Russia, underlined, than Russian legal system is much more better now, than 5-7 years ago. “But it is situation inside the country, - he said. – On the territory of CIS these laws are not working. And creation of Euro-Asian economic union didn’t help to solve this problem”.

But the representative of “Deloyt and Tush Regional Consulting Services Limited” Andrey Panin said, that any interregional or international cooperation – is a living body. “It is a problem, - he agreed. – But we create a new system of tax for our companies and it was or main goal. In future we will continue these processes”.

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