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Challenges as a motivation to develop

One of the most impressive speeches in the context of the Second Plenary session of RAO/CIS Offshore was a report by the President of United shipbuilding corporation Aleksey Rakhmanov. He discussed about the problem of the branch development in terms of low cost on oil, penalty policy from many countries and in parallel with intensive shelf and Arctic exploration by such countries as Norway, USA and Canada.

According to him, much depends on infrastructure development today. “It is not important to say about our rich natural resources and long seashore, - he said. – Many countries just dream about it. For a long time we used in our life some military doctrines. But for shipbuilding development we need more tand big seashore. We need developed infrastructure”.

In general, branch development can be organized in two ways, he said. “Modern situation is realy bad. We can use modern technologies (but it requires money) or fire a lot of workers in extensive way (without development), - he underlined. – But challenges of this day are temporary. And we must use them not as excuse, but as a motivation”.

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