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Import substitution and international cooperation: touchpoints

In the context of the 3rd day of RAO/CIS Offshore conference a discussion, devoted to the problems of modern navy oil-gas mining equipment and technologies development on Russian shipbuilding plants, was organized. In discussion leading engineers and projectors of scientific-research institutes, construction bureaus and representatives of Russian gas-oil companies took part.

About opportunities and prospects of scientific-research center of Northern Arctic federal university of M.Lomonosov participation in shelf exploration spoke its officer Galina Tarasova. According to her, borehole research in Arctic is organized today in close cooperation with foreign companies. “For example, our University organizes oil collection for the future researching in cooperation with Canadian specialists. Many technologies are bought abroad and are used in our country, - she underlined. – International cooperation helps to develop our industry. At the same time we continue our researching. In other words, partnership and import substitution can live together”.

Of course, such researching and development require money and staff. According to Vladimir Ermakov, specialist of “Zvezdochka” plant, financing depends on volume of orders. If we have no orders – we have no money. “Our main goal – is to provide our Russian industry with orders. Scientific and producing potential cannot exist without demand”, - he said.

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