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Under-water Arctic’s mysteries

Any processes, connected with hydrocarbons mining in hard conditions of Arctic and continental shelf, require an organization of serious researches before the start of drilling. That’s why problems of seismic exploration, 3D-geological exploration were discussed during two days of RAO/CIS Offshore 2015.

It is impossible to determine prospects of oil and gas content of different part of the shelf without creation of high technological researching complexes in a drilling region. Specialist of “Gazprom – Sakhalin” company Vasily Ananiev shared with participants of the discussion his experience of working at the Northern part of Pechorskoe sea. According to him, the research of under-water ground is a very hard and high technological process. It is organized not only for analyzing the prospects of the field, but also for accurate projecting of mining station in future. “We use now 3D-seismic exploration and research resource base of every part of the ground, - he said. – It helps to analyze the prospects of these fields, to choose concrete points of the future drilling, to classify fields – and it will save the time in future”.

This problem was widely discussed during the Round table. Professor of “Petroleum GeoServices” Yury Ampilov told about the prospects of such researches, for example, about 4D-seismic exploration. According to him, these technologies – are the base of modern geological researching processes. They are reality of today.

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