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Low power – developed energetic

Kurchatov institute suggests using of low atomic energy for hydrocarbons mining in Arctic. This theme was discussed today in the context of RAO/CIS Offshore 2015.

According to the scientists, arctic projects, connected with oil and gas mining, are necessary to provide with development of innovative atomic energetic of low power. The head of Kurchatov Complex of Transport Energy Technologies of the institute Vasily Ustinov says, that from the ecological and economical point of view this energy is more effective than usual. For navy mining platforms it will be uncontested. In addition to this, this low power in 2-3 times more safe than atomic stations of high energy.

His colleagues from Krilovsky state scientific center underline, that main natural resources are situated very deep under the water. For their exploration it is necessary to create atomic energetic industrial complexes, which can work under the water for a long period of time. Such complexes are used for oil and gas under-ice mining nowadays. It is much more harder to create them, it is technique of tomorrow. But elaborate these new technologies we must already today.

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