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RAO/CIS Offshore 2017 Draft Agenda

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Plenary session
Realisation of shelf projects is a driving force of industrial and economic development

Venue: Event Hall of Smolny
Address: 1, Smolny drive, St. Petersburg



Venue: Grand Hotel Europe
Address: 1/7 Mikhailovskaya St.

Venue: Mikhailovsky Manege
Address: 2, Manejnaya Square

Conference Session 1.
Development of the oil and gas resource base of the Arctic and continental shelf

The degrees of exploration of oil and gas resources of the Arctic shelf. The states of prospecting and exploration operations at the licensed fields of Gazprom, Rosneft and unallotted areas of offshore zones of the continental shelf. Key factors constraining prospecting and exploration operations in the conditions of the Arctic seas.

Conference Session 2.
Infrastructure development of oil and gas fields in the Arctic and on the continental shelf of Russia

Conference Session 3. 
Engineering and technology for offshore oil and gas development

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Conference Session 4.
Construction of modern fleet for development of schemes for oil and gas transportation by sea

Development of floating facilities for transportation of liquid hydrocarbons in the conditions of the Arctic shelf. Upgrading of the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route to ensure the traffic flow of the ice class fleet. Development of floating and subsea facilities for construction, installation and exploitation of structures for offshore oil and gas fields development in the Arctic.

Conference Session 5. 
Energy infrastructure for oil and gas fields development in the Russian Arctic zone

Conceptual development of coastal energy infrastructures for provision of oil and gas resources production on the Arctic shelf: current state, development trends and challenges

Conference Session 6.
Regulatory framework and safety of oil and gas resources development in the Arctic and on the continental shelf


Conference Session 7.
Young professionals Forum. Promising research projects of young scientists, professionals and students. Staff training

Goals of personnel training for offshore oil and gas industry. Results of promising R&D papers on offshore oil and gas resources development of the Russian continental shelf in all conference streams

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Conference Session 8.
Special sessions in the framework of the Conference Program

Special Round Table organized by Gazprom PJSC and Norwegian oil & gas companies. Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions

Conference Session 9.
Susea (subglacial) technology and equipment for production of mineral resources in freezing seas

Conference Session 10.
The role of international projects in the geological study and evaluation of the resources of the Arctic, Far Eastern and inland seas of Eurasia

A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute

Travel seminar on board of a comfortable motor ship will be arranged with a tour to Valaam Island
Departure of the boat: September 15, 2017 at 19:00 from the River Terminal.
Back to St.Petersburg: September 17, 2017 about 9:00.


Official languages - Russian and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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