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The RAO/CIS Offshore Conference addresses topics of interest to all levels of the industry ranging from young professionals to seasoned industry leaders. The 4-day program consists of Keynotes on offshore oil and gas production, construction and exploitation of offshore oil platforms, transportation of oil and gas by sea, and thematic sessions. The conference covers a spectrum of topics from technological innovation in various disciplines to industry wide strategic challenges.


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Conference session 1:
Prospects of development of hydrocarbon resources in the Russian Arctic and on the continental shelf:

Section 1.1. Readiness of the resource base and the current status of implementation of oil and gas field development projects on Sakhalin island.

Section 1.2. Readiness of the resource base and gas condensate field development projects of the Arctic coast and the Kara sea shelf, including the Ob and Taz bays

Section 1.3. Readiness of the resource base and hydrocarbon resources development projects on the Pechora sea shelf.

Section 1.4. Oil and gas field development projects of the Caspian, Black, Azov and Baltic seas.

Conference session 2:
The Russian Federation on the global LNG market.

Section 2.1. LNG production projects on the Yamal and Gydan peninsula — resource base, technologies and logistics

Conference session 3:
The current status and prospects of production of innovative marine oil and gas field equipment and systems for machine and ship building plants of the Russian Federation

Section 3.1. Design, construction and operation of offshore oil and gas production platforms and LNG production facilities

Section 3.2 Underwater technologies as the key to hydrocarbon resources of the continental shelf in various climate zones. International cooperation

Conference session 4:
Conditions of creating a sustainable marine transportation system of the Arctic oil and gas (roles of Rosatom, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Russian Metrological Service, the Russian marine emergency rescue service, shipbuilding companies etc.).

Conference session 5:
Creating a fleet for development of oil and gas fields of the coastal areas and shelf of the Arctic seas 

Conference session 6:
Nuclear power for production of hydrocarbons on the Arctic continental shelf

Conference session 7:
Environmental and industrial safety of hydrocarbon development in the Russian Arctic and on the continental shelf

Conference session 8: 

Improvement of the regulatory and legal framework for development of the oil and gas resources of the Russian Arctic and continental shelf of the Russian Federation

Conference session 9:
Works of young scientists, professionals and students on development of advanced technologies and systems for exploration and development of offshore hydrocarbon resources

Conference session 10:
Special joint workshop organized by Gazprom and Norwegian oil and gas companies on challenges of oil and gas development on the Arctic continental shelf

Official languages – Russian and English.

English-Russian simultaneous translation will be provided at the Conference sessions.


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